Apr 30, 2021 [LP]

Egothrone is the second full-length Slice of Sorrow album. It contains 12 diverse tracks.
The main genre of the album is atmospheric death metal with lots of melancholic melodies and headbanging rhythms which are common for Slice of Sorrow, but this album also complemented by some other vibes.
The main theme on the album is egoism and its harmful impact on different spheres of life and World itself.



  1. Endless Carnival 4:39
  2. Bath of Eternal Youth 6:01
  3. Cyber War 4:26
  4. Resurrect Me 4:15
  5. 1000 Nights 4:50
  6. Fake Paradise 5:51
  7. Egothrone 4:08
  8. Sopor 5:12
  9. Perfect Match 3:57
  10. Frozen Dreams 3:32
  11. Streaming Lie 5:12
  12. Glowing Dawn (Chernobyl's Lullaby) 5:15


All Music and Lyrics by Roman Nemtsev
Arrangement by Roman Nemtsev
Recorded at Tremors Sound Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Roman Nemtsev at Tremors Sound Studio
Released via Metal Carnival Records